Take The First Step Toward Achieving Success On Amazon 
Get a Comprehensive Performance Audit & Market Assessment of one of your Amazon products!  Plus, includes an in-depth consulting call.
Signing up for the audit only takes a minute then we do the rest....

Step 1: Book Audit

Click above button & fill out the assessment form.  We will email next steps right away.

Step 2: Perform Audit

Schedule your in-depth audit call & we will finish your audit in 2 days.

Step 3: Discuss Findings

Have our in-depth consulting call going through our findings & recommendations.

About the Amazon Audit...

This is a comprehensive analysis of how one Amazon product (single ASIN) is performing with tangible recommendations that move your business forward.

Our team of experts will evaluate and offer an independent analysis. With our systematic approach, we will identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

We will examine the overall competitiveness, product content, keywords, optimization effectiveness, and photos. We also perform a competitive analysis to determine what steps are needed to increase your search position for one keyword.

All audits are performed by our in-house Amazon marketing teams with experience in all Amazon seller types, fulfillment types, and ad programs.

You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain – so take that first step in your journey to Amazon success with Launch Union by your side.

Only a few Spots Left - (updated 2/8/19)

Limited space currently....  We are working hard to open more spots.  Please be patient.
What You'll Get in Your Audit Report
  • Identify trends in your competitors and existing product optimizations
  • Detect areas where you are missing opportunities
  • Refine your Amazon selling strategy with an unbiased review
  • Comprehensive phone call discussing findings, advice and next steps
When to Consider an Audit ...
  • Performance is down & your not sure why sales have dropped
  • You sense your current marketing team is under-performing
  • You need a long-term strategy that works

About Chris Cruise, CEO

As a experienced Project manager, while working in fortune 500 companies, Chris has learned how to launch and test products right in the past 20 years.  He has found there are no shortcuts in life or quick "get rich" schemes....  Just old fashion hard work and testing testing testing.

As the #1 Amazon Product Validation Agency, his Seattle-based company Launch Union, has helped small to medium brands generate millions of dollars on Amazon.

Our Seattle-based team have worked directly with Amazon at their headquarters and have had Amazon teams visit our offices so we can make sure you succeed.

We only have a few remaining spots for the audits ending for March 01st 2019.  This audit work is only for serious business owners.  Please sign up only if your determined to take action
A little more about how Chris has help companies grow...

What Chris and his team does best is cultivate long term relationships with high quality brands by testing, validating and growing online sales on the Amazon marketplace.

 This allows these companies to rapidly validate market demand then expand sales to any country in the world using advanced marketing techniques.

Chris has launched over 30,000+ brands and products online on many marketplaces with successful marketing campaigns on Amazon.  They also have extensive experience launching on shopify, Walmart, eBay, Rakuten, Jet.com, Sears.com (RIP), woocommerce, google/bing shopping, dynamic remarketing etc.

Chris has worked with Amazon's technical teams directly at their Seattle headquarters. They have even visited his Seattle offices for prototyping sessions.

His agency, Launch Union, is growing fast due to the results driven ROI. It's all based on hard work and testing 1000's of products.

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